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ReMix looks forward to producing it's annual dance concert.  Our show is
an optional element for our students, however many find that being a
part of this performance is not only a great experience, but a whole lot
of fun for both children and families! Our performance is treated as a
"professional" dance experience, thus producing a production that you
will never forget! Recital packets are sent home with each student in
April. These packets include all details for dress rehearsal, and show
times. Once these times are finalized they will also be placed on our website. 



Costumes are ordered for each class. Prices range from

$70 - $80. All costume money is due by Dec. 15. Students must make a decision by this date to participate in the recital.

Hair & Make-Up - ALL performers will be required to apply professional make-up and hair for the recital. This is essential for performers features to be accentuated under intense stage lighting that washes out features. Each teacher will provide a detailed description of what each one of the students will need to be prepared appropriately for this element of performance. 

Tickets go on sale at the studio and online April 20th at 9am!

Pricing is as follows:  $20 - $25 per ticket  beginning April 20th at 9am

                                      $15- $20 per ticket beginning May 1st at 9am.

                                      $20-$25 per ticket at the door
*Children 2 & under are free (no exceptions)

We use an assigned seating system so the best seats will sell out first.  We recommend you purchase your tickets in advance.


Recital Package SAVE 10%!!
This covers your recital costs all in 3 easy payments and you save 10%!!
In your recital package you will receive:
   - 4 $25 level tickets (Premium Seats)
   - 1 DVD (Blu Ray extra $5 charge)

   - 1 Recital T Shirt
   - 1 Bouquet of flowers ready for you on the day of the show
   - 1 Recital Teddy Bear

Total Cost of Package: $180  (savings of $20)
Pay all at once or 3 easy pays of $60 beginning in January
*additional items may be added to the package (ie., tickets, flowers) at the customers request


Photo Week in May:
Dancers will come to their regularly scheduled classes wearing his/her full costume and hair requirement provided by each teacher.  Makeup will be a MUST for our female dancers on dress rehearsal and recital day but for photo day we recommend a lighter version of the required makeup.  A more natural appearance with makeup is better for pictures.  Makeup does help the picture quality so a light foundation with a soft blush and a little mascara on the eyelashes goes a long way.  On the lips we suggest a neutral or soft lip gloss.  Please make sure that your dancer has the proper tights and shoes!  Group pictures will be taken and we would like our dancers to be uniform.  Please make sure to check with your child’s dance teacher on what tights and shoes are required! 
Pictures will then be offered online for purchase through our third party platform  GotPhoto!  Families will be able to view images and make purchases right from their site.  No need to pre-order!  GotPhoto will handle the rest, as they will print and ship your photos directly to you!  Each family will be provided a QR code specific to their dancer(s) and will only be able to see photos that are available to them!  It’s an added privacy feature that we LOVE!   Details on how to access your photos will be provided during photo week!   


DVD's are available for purchase of each show. This is a great way for families to sit back relax and enjoy the show while the professionals take care of the rest. DVD's are filmed and produced by Video by Take 1 Creations, Inc. Please feel free to click the link to their site below. Cost of DVD's/Blu Ray are $45 or $80 for both shows. THERE IS NO PERSONAL FILMING OF ANY KIND PERMITTED DURING THE SHOW. This is a stipulation of the Video Company and Copyright Laws. DVD's are an optional purchase.   Please visit their site by clicking the link below:





Each year we design a custom Show T-Shirt. These make wonderful keepsakes for our dancers. The front of the shirt displays the name of the show and date with a fun design that goes with the show. On the back the entire cast is listed alphabetically. The cost of these shirts are $25 and each student is required to purchase one for the grand finale.



Flowers are available before, during intermission, and after the show until we are sold out.
We offer bright and fresh flower bouquets at varying price points.  Flowers are also avaialble for
pre-order.  Prices range from $8 - $20. 


Recital Teddy Bears

Adorable plush bears are available complete with their own custom recital Tshirt!  A wonderful

cuddly gift for every performer and a fun collectible keepsake to have over the years! Price is $15.

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2018 Recital Bear.jpg
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